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“Prevent the sniffles and aches that result from disrupted schedules and coach class with our all-natural carry-on”
By Rachel Dowd

Prevent the sniffles and aches that result from disrupted schedules and coach class with our all-natural carry-on, developed with assistance from Nan Futuronsky, director of the Kripalu Center's Retreat & Renewal program in Lenox, Mass., and former flight attendant Diana Fairechild, author of Jet Smarter: The Air Traveler's Rx.
After deplaning, eat and sleep on local time to stave off jet lag, suggests Fairechild. Or take one tablet one take off, one every two hours and one when you land of the homeopathic treatment No Jet-Lag, which contains Arnica montana, Bellis perennis, and Chamomilla.

“The ticket out of jet lag; travelers try sleep routines, diet and pills to combat the effects”
“Travelers try sleep routines, diet, pills to combat effects of jet lag”
By Michael Martinez

Over-the-counter pills such as No Jet Lag, which contains homeopathic ingredients such as camomile and club moss, are said to have a relaxing effect and can induce sleep.

“It treats jet lag as you get it,'' said Andrew Criglington, a New Zealand researcher who developed the formula. ``If you could suddenly stop a flight halfway and get on the ground, you wouldn't have jet lag. This treats it as you get it so you don't have a cumulative effect.”

“The Jetrosexuals”
By Stephen Bleach

How do the world's most frequent flyers cope with life at 40,000ft? What are their top tips? And are they members of the mile-high club?

Pat Cash, former Wimbledon champion
Christina Lamb, foreign correspondent
Pete Tong, DJ
Richard Branson, entrepreneur
Susan Bullock, diva

Jetrosexual (n): someone whose career, homes and love life are spread across several continents, and who has become completely at home with international air travel. Sounds good, doesn't it?

But we all know the reality of flying these days can be anything but glamorous. So what's it really like for people who live much of their lives in the air? We spoke to five serious flyers, people who spend weeks or months in every year at cruising altitude -so if they don't know how to live well at 40,000ft, nobody does. We wanted their tips, their inside info and their tall tales. And they delivered. If you'd like to know how to beat jet lag, this year 's most exciting cities to land in and where to find the world's worst airline, fasten your safety belts and read on.

Foreign correspondent

How do you cope -with regular airlines, that is? I'm still no good at sleeping on planes. So instead of worrying about it, I accept that I'm probably not going to sleep. I watch the sort of movies I wouldn't normally watch and read glossy magazines.

Somebody recommended these No-Jet-Lag pills to me, and they do seem to work, though it could be psychological. They're from New Zealand, but you can get them on the internet.


“Gear Hookup & Packing Lists”
By Sampson Phan
Stanford University

How do the world's most frequent flyers cope with life at 40,000ft? What are their top tips? And are they members of the mile-high club?

No-Jet-Lag homeopathic tablets clear up that fuzzy head of yours (; $10)



“No-Jet-Lag appears in the new German high fashion magazine, My Self”

“No-Jet-Lag is safe and effective”
By Suzy Cohen

Question: I recently traveled to China and back. Going over, I wasn't bothered with jet lag, but coming back was awful. A friend took No-Jet-Lag and said it worked. Have you heard of this? -- N.C., Boca Raton, Fla.


Answer: No-Jet-Lag has been around for years and it is a safe, homeopathic blend that helps most people who take it. I don't recommend sleeping pills during long flights because they can be dangerous.


Some people don't take jet lag seriously, but if you've ever tried to close a business deal, give a lecture, drive around or simply enjoy your vacation after crossing time zones and you're forced to deal with disorientation, exhaustion, confusion and stupor, you know this condition can have serious consequences.

Jet lag makes you cranky and it sparks more infections, because your body can't defend itself effectively against the recirculated, germy air in the plane.


NASA estimates that a person needs about one day of recovery for every time zone crossed. So going transatlantic and crossing five time zones means you need five days to recover. No-Jet-Lag is sold at airports worldwide and most pharmacies. It's FDA listed and comes in tablet form. The company guarantees their product and claims there are no side effects.


Here are some other tips: Try not to board an airplane when you are overly excited, stressed out or hung over, since these states beg for a bad case of jet lag. Also, travelers who are accustomed to humid climates are hit harder because the plane's dry air causes headaches, dry skin, dry eyes and scratchy throat, setting you up for more discomfort and infection.


This information is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose your condition.


Suzy Cohen is a registered pharmacist. To contact her, visit

“Exotic travels via a catalog”
By Charles Bonenti

... Maybe that's why the fall edition of Magellan's catalog arrived in the mail the other day.


Magellan's, based in Santa Barbara, Calif., describes itself as "America's Leading Source of Travel Supplies."

..... I always enjoy perusing its pages.

And keep yourself alert whenever you get where you're going, there are "No-Jet-Lag" chewable homeopathic tablets [$9.85], "enough for 50 hours of flying time" -- or about two round trips to Buenos Aires.


“Fasten your seatbelts and take your echinacea: don't let your summer vacation be ruined by sickness, jet lag and queasiness. Pack your bag to fight the germ-friendly skies; safety measures for air travel”

By Stewart, Kimberly Lord

Another popular supplement is a homeopathic remedy called No-Jet-Lag, available at natural products stores.

“12 Steps To Avoid Jet Lag & Other In-The Air Problems”
Special TravelSmart Pull-Out Guide By Molly Ogorzaly

Fight the culture. There's a reason planes are called "culture clubs." The recirculated air and exposure to unfamiliar germs, coupled with the stress of travel, is a recipe for disaster for those with weakened immune systems. If you ALWAYS (or almost always) get sick after air travel of if you're going into a trip on the verge of catching something, consider the specialized products on the market:

Miers Laboratories (, a New Zealand company, produces No-Jet-Lag, a homeopathic. 75% of the travelers who tried it have found it helpful.

“En route”

Various alternative remedies are worth trying to reduce jet lag - many people report success from a homeopathic remedy based on arnica, bellis perennis, chamomilla, ipecac and lycopodium.

For people who want an even more natural sleep aid, there is a homeopathic product called No-Jet-Lag. It contains homeopathic forms of several herbs such as chamomile that promote relaxation and drowsiness. This formula has no "hangover" affect and has the additional benefit of being safe for children over 12 months.


“Outsmart Jet Lag!”

A combination of homeopathic herbs - arnica, wild chamomile and club moss (the blend found in No-Jet-Lag, available at health-food stores) was shown to quash jet lag in 75% of users and help prevent the uncomfortable swelling many women experience while flying. Its side-effect free, safe for all ages and you don’t have to worry about it interacting with other medications, says Stuart Rose, M.D. Director of The International Travel Clinic of Noble Hospital in Westfield, Massachusetts.

“No-Jet-Lag Land Backstage at the 40th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards”

The jet setting performers and presenters at the 40th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards were personally introduced to No-Jet-Lag in the celebrity gift lounge backstage.

“It was an excellent opportunity for these artists to learn directly from us about this wonderful travel product since they spend so much time flying on jets," said the importer of one of the best selling travel accessories, No-Jet-Lag from New Zealand. " There was an overwhelmingly positive reaction to No-Jet-Lag from the performers and presenters. A number of the entertainers we met use No-Jet-Lag and the others were glad to learn about No-Jet-Lag.”

No-Jet-Lag is available through Magellan's, Americas Leading Source of Travel Supplies - 1-800-962-4943 . No-Jet-Lag is also available in pharmacies, luggage stores and in airports nationwide.

“Bag jet lag: don't let fatigue, sleepiness, disorientation, and general malaise spoil one minute of your vacation; remedies”

Bag Jet Lag

Don't let fatigue, sleepiness, disorientation, and general malaise spoil one minute of your vacation

What: No-Jet-Lag

Why: This homeopathic remedy contains Arnica Montana (leopard's bane), Bellis Perennis (daisy), Chamomilla (wild chamomile), Ipecacuanha (ipecac), and Lycopodium (clubmoss).

The Evidence: Seventy-five percent of 55 flight attendants traveling from New Zealand to the United States, Asia, and Europe reported that the product reduced their symptoms of jet lag.

Caveats: None when used as instructed.

Using It: Take one tablet at wheels up, another every two hours during the flight (unless you're on a long-haul flight and can sleep), and one after each landing, including stopovers.

National Geographic Traveler

The Little Book of Travel Wisdom
“Leave Jet Lag Behind”

Jet lag happens when the body's inner clock falls out of sync with daily cycles of light, meals, and rest.
Some medical experts estimate that travelers require a day of recovery for every time zone crossed - but who can wait that long?
No-Jet-Lag ( ; $10 for 32 tablets) is a homeopathic


Supplement that eases transitions to new time zones.


Supplement that eases transitions to new time zones.

"Prescriptions for Jet Lag"
By George W. Stone

New Zealanders risk jet lag every time they leave home. So 24 years ago, Kiwi researchers formulated No-Jet-Lag ("; $10 for 32 tablets), a homeopathic supplement. Users report eased transitions to new sleep patterns and increased physical coordination.

Bottom Line: Users of No-Jet-Lag report positive benefits with no side effects

"Globetrotting Tamara is Ready for Samoa Acting"
Filming The Adventures of Robert Louis Stevenson
By Doc Showbiz

High Road star Tamara Kennedy has just returned from halfway round the world in an adventure worthy of inclusion in the record books.

She spent more than 120 hours travelling across three continents and time zones - at one point, she did Thursday twice and two Saturdays - just for three days of filming.

She is playing Fanny, the wife of Robert Louis Stevenson, in a new drama documentary which has been filming in Edinburgh and Samoa, where the Treasure Island writer spent his last year.

Ordinarily, it would take travellers at least three days to recover from
such an epic journey, but, by the time Tamara (Kennedy) and Ewen Bremner (Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down), who is playing Stevenson, arrived they were bright as buttons and ready for their close-ups.

"Ewen's into homeopathy and alternative medicines, " explained Tamara, currently starring in Cinderella at the Palace, Kilmarnock. Clearly taking a lead from the old RLS maxim that "it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive", Bremner took some magic pills along.

Tamara added: "I was a bit sceptical, but we took a pill every two hours and we were fine. I'm a bit of a wimp if I don't get my sleep, but, not only did I cope with the filming, I was straight into panto rehearsals.

"They were called No-Jet-Lag. I don't know what was in them but they work."

Los Angeles Times

“Two Wheels, Some Gears and the European Road”
A Cyclist’s Journal in France
By Martha Marino

This is the first of five pieces on Marino’s travels by bike.

The long 14-hour flight to Paris is something I always dread. This time, however, my seat companions made it as pleasant as a walk on the beach.... Jane was taking some special pills, called No-Jet-Lag from New Zealand, and offered me a few. Every two hours I swallowed one and took another upon arriving. They seemed to help. When I stepped off the plane, I didn't feel as woozy or "out of it," as I usually do, reducing, thank goodness, the chances of losing my travelers checks on the first day!


“Zip through airports with double-duty bags, other convenient travel
By Emily Van Cleve

If jet lag is a problem, homeopathic pills (No-Jet-Lag) sold at Le Bon Voyage claim to reduce the effects. "The pills contain arnica, which is great for bruising and swelling of the feet," says Le Bon Voyage owner Jayne Walterscheid.


“Postcards: Travel editor for president”
By Bernell Stein

I do have one solution, however, re: jet lag. From Magellan's online or paper catalog, I order a homeopathic lozenge called, oddly enough, No-Jet-Lag. I have used this product on several long-haul flights with remarkable results. I highly recommend it.

Palm Beach County Edition
“End Jet Lag Forever”
By Julie Polito

Jet Lag Be Gone!

If you're crossing time zones, as NBT's editor recently did, you'll want to be sure to use No-Jet-Lag®, a homeopathic jet lag remedy from New Zealand. It's the only one approved as an over-the-counter drug, and has been proven effective in a clinical trial that crossed 24 time zones. No-Jet-Lag has been tested to IOC (International Olympic Committee) standards for athletes.

No-Jet-Lag® has been used and recognized internationally for years by business & pleasure travelers, professional athletes/teams, celebrities, tour operators, travel agents, flight crews, military and diplomatic personnel. Trust us, it works!



"Don’t Let Jet Lag Bring You Down"
By Kate Hilpern

When my partner and I were in New Zealand earlier this year, we got stuck chatting to a particularly irritating man on holiday from America. But he left us with one piece of advice for which we feel eternally grateful. "You have to try homoeopathy for jet lag," he practically shouted. "It's truly incredible." Neither of us was sold, but we felt we had nothing to lose - and now we wouldn't consider crossing time zones without a dose.


Austin American-Statesman

"So you want to see the Tour?"
By Suzanne Halliburton

Ever since 1999, when Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France, growing numbers of Texans have found their way to France at Tour time.

For those lucky enough to go this year, here are tips from some veteran Austin fans:

What's the best thing you packed: "No-Jet-Lag" homeopathic pills from Magellan & Co. They were recommended to me by a friend who is a Francophile. Even though we flew and talked all night to France, we were still ready immediately to be at the finish of that day's stage.

– Carol Thompson


Los Angeles Times

"Jet lag cures to keep body clocks in tick-tock condition"
By Kathleen Doheny

When customers enter Distant Lands book and travel supply store in Pasadena looking for jet lag remedies, co-owner Louanne Kalvinskas points them to sleep masks, earplugs, neck rests and her favorite homeopathic remedy.

Like the scientists who study jet lag and other sleep problems, Kalvinskas knows, partly from experience, that not every remedy will work for every traveler.

On a trip to Istanbul with two friends, for instance, Kalvinskas took the homeopathic remedy called No-Jet-Lag; her friends did not. “ We went out to dinner, and my friends were zombies,” she said, laughing at the memory. But she was full of energy.


The Boston Globe

"Leave the lag in the jet"
By Lylah M. Alphonse

No-Jet-Lag is an all natural, homeopathic product that promises to help alleviate all of the symptoms of jet lag.

"Travel More Easily"
By Lylah M. Alphonse
High-Altitude Homeopathy

No-Jet-Lag is a homeopathic remedy that can help some travelers minimize the fatigue, disorientation, sleep disruption, and general discomfort often associated with long flights.



Nelly FurtadoMarch
“My Life in Travel: Nelly Furtado”
[Award Winning Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter]
Interview by Aoife O’Riordain


What have you learnt from your travels?

I've been touring so heavily for the last three years and you learn something new every time you travel. In my business, it's impossible to travel light - my five-month-old daughter even has her own suitcase. My boyfriend and I took a homeopathic remedy called "No-Jet-Lag" on the flight to Japan and it seemed to work.


Sales & Marketing Management

“Beat Jet Lag”
For Your Health

Jet lag is an all-too-common occurrence while traveling. Besides fatigue, other symptoms can include disorientation, lack of concentration, headaches, irritability, and sleep disturbances.

Drink Up And we don't mean martinis. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your flight. Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate the body further, so avoid them for the duration of the trip.

Choose Daytime Flight Try to arrive at your destination during the day so you have time to get acclimated before going to bed. It's also a good idea to expose yourself to natural light to help your body readjust its natural clock.

Stay Active Exercise improves circulation, which will help you feel rejuvenated. Walk during layovers, walk around during your flight, and when you arrive, make use of the hotel gym.

Melatonin supplements, a controversial remedy with inconclusive research, fools your body into readjusting its natural clock.

Another popular choice is No-Jet-Lag chewable tablets made from herbs.


Screen Actors Guild

No-Jet-Lag® Arrives Backstage at The 10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards®

SAG Awards™ Presenters & Nominees To Receive No-Jet-Lag to help them manage their jet lag.

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND  Feb. -- Each jet setting presenter at the 10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® will receive the Screen Actors Guild Awards® Presenter Gift Basket featuring No-Jet-Lag® homeopathic, the leader in jet-lag management.


"We are delighted that No-Jet-Lag was chosen to be in the Screen Actors Guild Awards® Presenter Gift Basket," said Andrew Criglington, managing director of Miers Laboratories, the manufacturer of No-Jet-Lag. "For years No-Jet-Lag has helped travelers worldwide manage their jetlag."


A Time to Remember Poster

No-Jet-Lag Poster Appears in Film:
“A Time To Remember”
Hallmark Channel - Movie of the Week


Travel Lady

"London’s Palace of the Perverse The Saatchi Gallery"
By David Peevers

Save your sanity and health when making long flights. I have flown drunk and stone cold sober. I’ve fasted for days before a flight or gorged myself with heavy meals. I’ve stayed awake for days before flying in the hopes that slumber would catch up with me. But nothing I ever did prevented me from arriving at the airport looking like someone who should go to the top of all Interpol computers. This ‘Werewolves of London’ factor would actually cripple and stunt me for weeks. Until I found this stuff called ‘No-Jet-Lag’. It’s homeopathic, tastes like sugar pills and you just pop ‘em like M&M’s. And when you arrive – wherever you arrive – there you are! Do NOT fly without these little guys.


Sunday September 7, 2003
“What every long-haul traveller could be seen with this season”
Oh, those faraway places. Great when you get there, but the flights can be hell.
Jane Knight looks at how to make the journey bearable

The magic answer to jet lag?

Now here's something that's really worth buying. Perhaps it was in my head but chewing No-Jet-Lag homeopathic pills does seem to make a difference with jet lag; another guinea pig I got to test them agreed. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I didn't dare fall asleep on the flight because the pills have to be popped at two-hourly intervals that I had one of the best night's sleep when I landed, but I'd certainly use them again.

The Natural Foods Merchandiser

“Natural Remedies Hit the Road”
By Mitchell Clute
Lose The Lag

After a long flight, most people feel disoriented and extremely fatigued. A natural jet lag remedy may actually allow international travelers to enjoy their first day in a new land. One such product, No-Jet-Lag, is a homeopathic preparation manufactured in New Zealand and available in the United States…

The Sunday Telegraph

"Best Tested Jet Lag Cures"
By Tiffany Hancock

No-Jet-Lag received the only Five Star Rating 
No-Jet-Lag was the best of the group tested.


The Dallas Morning News

"New Zealand product targets jet lag effects"
Mary Ellen Botter – Assistant Editor

No-Jet-Lag offers over-the-counter relief for fliers.No-Jet-Lag has legions of fans among business people, airline crews, vacationers and sports teams who report they land at their destinations more rested, better able to concentrate, less dehydrated and more able to deal with activities on arrival.


AAA Travel Store

Via Magazine*
“Jet Lag Cures”

No-Jet-Lag is sold around the world and is popular with travelers.
No-Jet-Lag is available at many AAA Travel Stores throughout the United States.

*Via is the bimonthly magazine of the California State Automobile Association, sent to AAA members in Northern California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and southern Idaho.


Washington Post

Talk About Travel
Hosted by the Flight Crew
Monday, January

Rosslyn, Va
As for jet lag, a couple of years ago I did a long weekend in Paris for a wedding, and a co-worker suggested "No-Jet-Lag," a homeopathic supplement from New Zealand that helps readjust your circadian rythms. You chew one pill every couple of hours during the trip. I was sceptical, but it worked for me. It doesn't make up for lack of sleep but at least you don't feel like sleeping for 5 hours in the middle of the day when you should be sightseeing. I haven't had a chance to use it again, so I can't say whether this was only a one-time success. By the way, it's available at places like Whole Foods.



Europe for Visitors
“No-Jet-Lag, A User Friendly Aid for Jet Lag Symptoms”
By James MartinGuide Rating - 

No-Jet-Lag may be the answer to your jet lag symptoms


.…I felt great after arrival in London. So great, in fact, that I went out on a two hour walk with the camera and my notebook in tow. Then I ate some Indian food, took another short walk, and went to bed. And it was ten o'clock in the evening, more or less normal bedtime! I awoke at 6. My clock had been magically reset! I had never made it to ten o'clock before, and I've been going to Europe from the West Coast since 1977 or so. I was impressed. Martha reported pretty much the same results. ….upon arrival in San Francisco we both felt far less disoriented than we normally do. We ate Chinese, had a bit of wine, listened to the Giants game and hit the sack at 9:15. Ok, a little early, but still. And we felt great the next day. …..No-Jet-Lag helped another of the symptoms of jet lag, the swelling of limbs. Usually, my feet, already monstrously large, swell uncomfortably on flights longer than a few hours. That's why I have to take off my shoes. But on the No-Jet-Lag flight I had no problem with swelling at all.

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