Considerable research has been conducted into methods of reducing the effects of jet lag on long haul air travelers, including the use of melatonin, special diets and bright light therapy, but most have adverse side effects and/or are complicated to use. A homeopathic remedy, No-Jet-Lag, was developed to counter jet lag, and informal testing and anecdotal reports indicated a significant reduction in the symptoms.


That No-Jet-Lag would reduce the symptoms of jet lag when used for long-haul travel. Methods: Nineteen volunteers with previous inter-continental air travel experience were tested in a double blind, placebo controlled crossover trial on a flight from New Zealand to Europe and return (equivalent to travelling round the world), completing survey forms before departure and after arrival on each leg.


The subjects taking the remedy showed less fatigue-inertia and had more vigor-activity compared to the subjects taking the placebo.


The homeopathic group remedy, No-Jet-Lag, can reduce jet lag symptoms after long-haul flights.

** When referencing this study give credit to Miers Laboratories jet lag site,

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